mobile microscopy for the masses



CellScope combines diagnostic microscopy with cell phone convenience to expand access to basic healthcare in remote regions.

Effective healthcare requires reliable patient data and a trained physician to interpret the data and guide treatment. In many developing countries, bringing those two components together – reliable data and trained physicians – is a tremendous challenge. Healthcare personnel are frequently under-trained and under-equipped, often facing excessive patient loads with minimal equipment. Light microscopy is one of the most important clinical tools for routine examinations. However, high-quality light microscopes commonly available in the developed world are rarer than physicians in some developing countries. We have combined a cell phone and standard optical parts into a clinical-quality light microscope that can transmit images of patient samples remotely for evaluation by specialists. Such a cell phone microscope – which we call the CellScope – will address both healthcare data collection and diagnosis problems in developing countries and rural areas by linking the two through wireless communication.


Arunan Skandarajah     Clay Reber     
Frankie Myers



photo credits (left to right):
-Using the CellScope to look at filamentous plant matter from the still water of the Peruvian Amazon.
Photo Credit Gautham Venugopalan
-CellScope prototype
-Demonstrating the CellScope\'s capabilities at Goma Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Photo Credit Erik Douglas